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Crazed II


Crazed II was created when Crazed I met its demise with a hybrid motor CATO.
Luckily, the upper half of the rocket, along with all of the recovery equipment, survived. This made rebuilding the rocket relatively easy, we simply made a new booster section based on the Crazed I design, and repainted it with a new color scheme.

Crazed II had about 10 successful flights, and made an excellent platform to test the rev2 of my GPS tracker.

There were 3 flights that gave usable data from the tracker:

You can get all of the data in an excel worksheet in a zip file here

Flight A on 6-18-06 on a hypertek J317:
This is the first flight using the rev2 GPS tracker, which was 100% successful.
6-18-06a altitude
6-18-06a velocity
6-18-06a acceleration

Flight B on 6-18-06 on a hypertek J317:
This is the second flight using the rev2 GPS tracker, which was also 100% successful.
6-18-06b altitude
6-18-06b velocity
6-18-06b acceleration

Flight on 11-24-06 on a hypertek J317:
This was the last flight of the rev2 GPS tracker, as can be seen by the velocity graph it hit the ground at just over 200mph
11-24-07 altitude
11-24-07 velocity
11-24-07 acceleration
Some pictures of the of the rocket after the flight:
Crazed 2 remains Crazed 2 remains

It appears the problem was that the recover electronics never got armed (oops) and likewise no 'chutes got ejected during the flight. The rocket came down nose first and buried itself about 12" into the packed sand at the launch site. Almost all of the electronics on-board were totaled, although the transceiver I used for the gps tracker survived and has been flown in several flights--not bad for a bare circuit board that was in the nose cone!

Of course, a little setback like having the rocket disintegrate couldn't end the Krazed saga, so Krazed III was built to replace him.

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