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These are some SolidWorks drawings of the Diode Pumped Solid State Frequency Doubled Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser I was building.

If you want to download the models there are linked below. To open the SolidWorks models directly, you will need at least SolidWorks 2006 or something capable of opening .sldasm/.sldpart files from SolidWorks 2006. Otherwise use the IGES model which can be opened with just about anything.

SolidWorks model
IGES model

laser top laser info
a top down view (with/without annotation)

mount overall mount transparent
The mirror mount I drew up

yag yag
I planned to cool it using 2 high power TECs and some CPU water blocks (the swiftech Apogee line)

yag yag
Some shots of just the diode assembly and the yag rod assemby I got (which I believe was destined for a Lightwave (now JDSU) dpss laser.

More Information

I ended up giving this project to a friend when I got a hold of my Coherent Avia Thor, so I am not updating this page any longer. I would not recomend actually constructing this laser, but if you have questions I can be contacted at contact@krazerlasers.com

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