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Teletrac 150 Stabilized HeNe laser

I found this laser in the trash pile at school, with a blown out driver. I discovered the primary of the main transformer had melted, so I decided to simply retrofit the laser with a modern 'brick power supply and call it a day. In its past life it was temperature stabilized to lock it to a to a specific wavelength, accurate to within a tiny fraction of a nm.

Laser Head

front back
The front (laser output) and back (power input) of the laser head.

inside sheild removed
A shot of the laser with the cover removed, and with the cover over the tube removed.

sheild piezo
A glamor shot of the cover, which is made out of vacuum formed Polystyrene that was painted silver, and an odd piezo element. I never did get the laser to power up so I can't figure out what exactly it did, but I think it just vibrated and moved air over the tube. I can confirm that applying voltage to the power leads cause the arms to flex slightly, although I have not had a chance to measure its resonant frequency.


modified running
A shot of the laser after being retrofitted with a 24v power supply and Laser Drive power supply 'brick', lasing happily at about 1.5mw.

More Information

I haven't found any information about this specific laser, but there are some similar lasers and general HeNe frequency locking information on Sams's FAQ, which also has a link to the manual for a similar laser which should have similar specs. If you still have questions, I can be contacted at contact@krazerlasers.com

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