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Coherent FAP800 Fiber Coupled Laser

The Fiber Array Package (FAP) series of diodes are used primarily as pump sources for larger solid state lasers, although systems are also available to use the output power directly for laser welding and the likes. The key advantage of these lasers is they are downright cheep (a 40w laser that can be had for about $100 on the surplus market!), and relatively easy to get running (only needing a ~2v 50A power supply, and a large heatsink), and a better beam quality than a direct diode bar, although when compared to other lasers the beam quality is somewhere between 'hideous' and 'mediocre'


diode very dead
Unfortunately, most of the faps out there are removed from equipment at the end of their life, which for some diodes means the die has been vaporized as shown above

Fiber Coupler

coupler coupler
The key difference between a fap and a normal ccp diode is the fiber array, which has a microlens and a fiber that couples each of the 19 emitters found in a normal laser bar into 19 fibers, which are then bundled into a 800um diameter array, which a larger fiber can then be connected to.

More Information

The fap series of lasers are still currently in production, so information can by found on Coherent's website. If you still have questions, I can be contacted at contact@krazerlasers.com

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