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California Laser 82-7500-P-T CO2 Laser

This is a nice 'small' air cooled 7.5w Waveguide CO2 laser, which seems to have lost its CO2 fill sometime between when the seller tested it and when I received it, so it was traded in for my ALC-60X argon-ion laser. The tube, and system in general, isn't much larger than a mid sized HeNe laser, in fact the power supply just consists of two oversized HeNe style power 'bricks' that put out 7kv/6ma.


The laser tube, which is made of a white ceramic (possibly BeO, although there were no toxicity warnings to be found on the system, so Al2O3 or Zr2 etc. seem more likely.

The output coupler and high reflector ends of the laser head. Note the conical shaped beam block that is used for the safety shutter (controller by a small lever on the front of the laser head)

The output coupler and HR mirror

The brewster plate that sits between the HR and the laser tube (to polarize the laser), and the HR in its mount.

Power Supply

A shot if the internals of the power supply, and the HV/signal plugs from the laser.

More Information

I don't wasn't able to find a ton of information about this laser, but the tube itself seems to match the description of the Hughes 3800H, which has a section in Sam's laser FAQ. If you still have questions, I can be contacted at contact@krazerlasers.com

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