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Mystery 532nm Medical Laser

I was able to find 2 of these abandoned medical lasers (I have no idea what type of system they come out of, probably a dental laser designed for long pulse use by the looks of it) on eBay, and with some careful swapping of optics it was possible to get one of them working satisfactorily. Other than that there is not a whole lot to say about them, they are a fairly simple V-fold type cavity with a 2x2x15mm Nd:YAG (or possibly Nd:YVO4, looks like Nd:YAG to me though) side pumped by a single 808nm diode bar, and 3x3x5mm KTP crystal. They also have provisions for a red diode aiming laser, although neither of my heads had working lasers present.

Laser Head

An overall shot of the cavity, and an annotated version (click for descriptions):

A closeup of the laser bar, and a shot showing the TEC cooling and fiber coupler module (top). The copper heatsink the TECs are mounted on proved to how have enough cooling capacity for continuous operation (even with a few server grade cooling fans ducted into it) so I mounted it to a water cooled coldplate for testing.

A shot of it running at 32Amps (the lid said 42A was the maximum current, so it looks like it has some life left in it):

More Information

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