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Lightwave Electronics 210G

I found this beast on ebay, it a q-switched frequency doubled diode pumped solid state Nd:YAG laser (quite a mouthful!), which is rated for 2.5W of 532nm light, and will do over 4W before thermal lensing in the YAG rod starts to hurt the beam quality.

Power Supply

The front and back of the power supply.

The guts of the supply, and a close-up of the huge rf amplifier for the Q-switch


A glamour shot of the head, and the power/water connections. See the more information section for a shot of the head internals.

More Information

There is a ton of information of this laser's big brother the 220 series available on Sam's laser FAQ, 98% of which is applicable to the 210 series of heads. The primary difference is the 220 series has 4 808nm pump diodes instead of the 2 that the 210 series has, and the 220 series is not q-switched, but rather has an external modulator that is outside of the cavity for control over the output. A the power supplies for the heads are not interchangeable (the 210 supply can only drive 2 diodes in series, and has an internal q-switch driver, the 220 series can drive 4 diodes in series, but does not have a s-switch driver), however the umbilical and chillers are.

For more information on the 221 system see Sam's laser FAQ (all of the pinouts, software information, etc. seem to be consistent with my 210 head), or Simon's page which has some thoughts in the 221 head. Note however, the internal design of the 221 head is completely different than the 210 head, being both 1064nm and CW. The only other hobbyist posting I have found on the 210G was a forum post on the natscience forum which was posted by Kevin who has has a picture of the internals of the 210G laser head. I also have a copy of the manual for the 210B-P power supply, which was used with the following laser systems:

If you need it send me an e-mail and I will see what I can do contact@krazerlasers.com.

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